On October 31, WPD arrested Vanessa Bill, age 33, on a misdemeanor failure to appear traffic citation. 

      Bail $280. 

On October 31, WPD arrested Michael Crawford, age 18, on misdemeanor driving under the influence, above the legal limit first offense. 

                             Bail $1,140. 

On November 1, WPD arrested Jace Martin Hinds, age 30, on misdemeanor two counts of obscene/threatening/annoying phone calls (M). 

                            Bail $1,280. 

On November 2, WPD arrested Trevor Otto Heitman, age 30, on gross misdemeanor carry concealed gun, possession of gun under influence and public intoxication. 

                           Bail $3,495. 

On November 2, WPD arrested Luis Avila Alvarez, age 26, on misdemeanor public intoxication. 

      Bail $355. 

On November 5, HCSO arrested Chancy Daniel Gusky, age 36, on domestic battery third offense and child abuse. 

 Bail $25,000. 

On November 5, WPD arrested Lori Jean Price, age 58, on misdemeanor failure to appear on traffic related issues.  

    Bail $2,800. 

On November 5, HCSO arrested Caleb Buschman, age 22, on misdemeanor domestic battery first offense.

    Bail $3,000. 

On November 6, NHP arrested Monique Monette Morin, age 44, on other jurisdiction warrant.

     Bail $2,645. 

On November 6, WPD arrested Amara Marsh, age 33, on misdemeanor trespass, 

     Bail $195. 

On November 8, HCSO arrested Julia Carrillo, age 27, on misdemeanor battery (x2), acts which constitute domestic violence and domestic batteryfirst offense. 

                           Bail $4,140. 

On November 7, NHP arrested Marcus Phipps, age 25, on cell phone, suspended driver’s license, seatbelt required, possession of methamphetamine, level I trafficking and unlawful use/under the influence of a controlled substance. 

                         Bail $30,545. 

On November 9, WPD arrested Jose Cabrera, age 38, on misdemeanor domestic violence.

   Bail $3,000.

On November 11, WPD arrested Mervyn Claire Phillips, age 38, on misdemeanor resisting a public officer. Bail $1,140. 

On November 11, HCSO arrested Melody Anne Matheny, age 36, on misdemeanor warrant failure to appear to a bench trial. 

            Bail $1,295 cash only. 

On November 12, WPD arrested Francis Wemple, age 26, on felony burglary. 

   Bail $20,000.