On June 14 WPD arrested Dave Mark Sweet, age 47, on misdemeanor driving with suspended drivers license and suspended registration. Bail $710.

On June 17 HCSO arrested Kendrick Sam, age 34, on felony failure to appear after admission to bail. Sam was in custody for tribal charges when deputies were notified of an active confirmed warrant. No bail. 

On June 18 WPD arrested Gene Austin Marr, age 32, on felony contempt of court. No bail.

On June 18 WPD arrested Dabra Sullivan, age 60, on misdemeanor failure to appear. Bail $1,135.

On June 18 WPD arrested Chaz Helton, age 23, on gross misdemeanor unlawful occupance. Bail $2,500.

On June 19 HCSO arrested David Valenzuela, age 44, on an outstanding misdemeanor warrant. Valenzuela flagged down Deputy C Negus on Highway 95 for a ride to Winnemucca. Upon running Valenzuela’s information through dispatch and discovered the outstanding warrant. Bail $570.

On June 19 HCSO arrested Glenda Sandoval, age 48, on gross misdemeanor violation of NRS 33.100 violation of a protection order, annoying phone calls, and NRS 199.300 intimidating law enforcement officer. Bail $6,140.

On June 19 WPD arrested Jared Alan Holm, age 33, on felony possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia, driving without a seatbelt, and driving with a revoked license. Bail $6,070.

On June 19 WPD arrested Daniel J. Shaw, age 29, on felony burglary. Bail $20,000.

On June 21 WPD arrested Jacob Retchless, age 26, on failure to appear bench warrant. Bail $395.

On June 22 WPD arrested Fidel Galarza, age 44, on misdemeanor failure to appear on two traffic citations. Bail $1,340