On March 5, WPD arrested Michael Ingram, age 41, on misdemeanor trespass. 

         Bail $195. 

On March 8, WPD arrested Daren Chavez Briones, age 30, on felony burglary.  

      Bail $20,000. 

On March 9, HCSO arrested Samantha Marie Graham, age 44, on felony fraudulent use of a credit card. 

     Bail $5,000. 

On March 11, WPD arrested Stephanie Lange, age 47, on felony possession of methamphetamine. 

       Bail $5,000. 

On March 11, WPD arrested Monica Gonzalez, age 38, on gross misdemeanor child neglect, driving under the influence, open container, park in road and fail to change address. Bail $4,025.

On March 11, WPD arrested Richard Thunderhorse, age 23, on felony elude, driving under the influence, aggressive driving and possession of a controlled substance. 

                             Bail $12,280. 

On March 12, WPD arrested Shaina Oneal, age 32, on misdemeanor domestic battery and acts which constitute domestic violence. Bail $3,000. 

On March 12, HCSO arrested Glenda Sandoval, age 48, on misdemeanor stalking, threatening or obscene writings, trespass. 

      Bail $1,475. 

On March 13, WPD arrested Alexis Alcarez, age 27, on a misdemeanor failure to appear. Bail $2,470. 

On March 13, HCSO arrested Daniel Joseph Shaw, age 29, on felony burglary. 

    Bail $20,000 

On March 14, WPD arrested Sebastian Underwood, age 39, on misdemeanor intoxicated pedestrian in a roadway. Bail $195. 

On March 14, HCSO arrested Katelynn Tom, age 26, on a misdemeanor failure to appear after admission to bail. 

        Bail $395. 

On March 15, HCSO arrested Vannesa Garcia-Salazar, age 26, on a misdemeanor failure to appear on traffic citation. 

Bail $395 cash only.