On February 23, WPD arrested Robert Hodnett, age 21, on felony and misdemeanor charges of being in possession of stolen property, possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia. 

*No Photo Available*

On February 25, WPD arrested a juvenile on misdemeanor battery. 

Bail not applicable. 

On February 28, WPD arrested Arturo Valdez, age 29, on felony possession of methamphetamine and driving revoked. 

       Bail $5,355. 

On February 29, NHP arrested Patricia Elaine Nichols, age 66, on driving under the influence first offense and traffic control device. 

      Bail $1,335. 

On March 1, NHP arrested Amos Holt-Davis, age 21, on driving under the influence of drugs, no valid license, no proof of insurance, traffic control device, headlights required and proper stop for emergency vehicle. 

                                Bail $2,690. 

On March 1, NHP arrested Jace Timmer, age 20, on misdemeanor delay, obstruct. 

       Bail $1,140. 

On March 3, WPD arrested Nikki-John Cadavez Deleon, age 23, on felony warrant arrest failure to appear after bail. Bail $5,200. 

On March 3, HCSO arrested Caleb Hinkle, age 18, on malicious destruction of property. 

      Bail $2,500. 

On March 3, WPD arrested Caleb Hinkle, age 18, on three counts ex-felon in possession of a firearm and 3 counts possession of stolen firearm.

     Bail $120,000. 

On March 4, NHP arrested Jordan Anthony Diaz, age 22, on misdemeanor driving in revocation period DUI. 

       Bail $1,140. 

*No Photo Available*

On March 4, HCSO arrested a juvenile male, age 14 on misdemeanor incorrigible/runaway. 

   Bail not applicable.

On March 4, HCSO arrested Francois Etienne Clement, age 56, on felony use of minor in producing pornography x 2 and distribution of pornography. 

  Bail $750,000. 

On March 5, HCSO arrested Brian William Glanding, age 29, on a misdemeanor failure to appear warrant (traffic). 

         Bail $495. 

On March 5, WPD arrested Lisa Story, age 46, on felony possession of a controlled substance.

       Bail $5,000. 

On March 6, HCSO arrested Veronica Alcaraz, age 41, on felony burglary; fraudulent use of credit card and possession of stolen property. 

    Bail $22,280.

*No Photo Available*

On March 7, HCSO arrested a female juvenile on misdemeanor incorrigible. 

 Bail not applicable. 

On March 7, WPD arrested Gordon Garcia, age 27, on misdemeanor resist obstruct. 

        Bail $1,140. 

On March 8, HCSO arrested Doris Reynoso, age 29, on misdemeanor battery, domestic battery and acts which constitute domestic violence. 

      Bail $3,000.

On March 8, WPD arrested Anthony Aispuro, age 23, on felony attempted burglary. 

      Bail $20,000. 

On March 9, HCSO arrested Kelly Sand, age 41, on misdemeanor contempt of court. 

   Bail $1,200 cash only.