Ruben Santillan Barrera, age 23, will serve five to 12.5 years in prison and a $10,000 fine for felony drug trafficking charges. Barrera was one of three individuals arrested in the July multi-agency drug raid in Winnemucca that resulted in the seizure of approximately 487 grams of methamphetamine, 149 grams of black tar heroin, 68 grams of cocaine, 188 grams of marijuana and four firearms.

Original charges against Barrera included a trafficking level III–Cocaine category A felony, possession of a controlled substance–methamphetamine category E felony, possession of a controlled substance for sale–marijuana category D felony and one count of own/possess firearm by an illegal alien or mentally ill person category B felony. 

Barrera pleaded guilty to two counts of trafficking in a controlled substance level two, each a category B felony.  Barrerra admitted to two counts of possession of cocaine in multiple plastic baggies containing more than 14 grams but less than 28 grams of cocaine, a schedule I controlled substance. 

This particular felony in the state of Nevada has a potential penalty of two to 15 years in prison with no suspended sentence or probation and up to $100,000 fine on each count. 

Deputy District Attorney Anthony Gordon asked the court to sentence Barrera to the maximum sentence of 72-180 months in prison on each count and a total fine of $100,000. The Nevada Division of Parole and Probation recommended 32-84 months in prison, with the sentences to run concurrently (at the same time). 

Sixth Judicial District Court Judge Michael Montero ordered Barrera to serve 30-75 months in prison on each count, with the charges to run consecutive to each other, with 132 days credit for time served given one one count. This means he will serve one sentence and then serve the other after the first one is done. 

Barrera was ordered to pay a $5,000 fine on each count, for a total of $10,000, along with a $500 public defender fee, $150 DNA analysis fee, $60 forensic fee, $25 administrative assessment and $3 DNA collection. 

The plea agreement states that if Barrera is not a citizen of the United States of America the conviction for the offense for which he was charged may have the consequence of deportation, exclusion from admission to the United States or denial of naturalization.

Barrera told the court he is from Jalisco, Mexico through a court translator and the plea agreement states that an immigration hold was placed on him by the United States Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement following his arrest. 

Barrera told the court he is 23 years old with three years of college in Mexico where he studied veterinary medicine. He said he has lived in the United States for two years. 

Yude Saldana-Avila was sentenced to 12-48 months in prison on one count of drug trafficking. Gustavo Carrillo-Lopez has not been sentenced yet. Both individuals were also arrested in the drug raid.