On May 29, WPD arrested Angel Hernandez Jr., age 30, on a felony failure to appear warrant. No bail

On May 31, HCSO arrested Ashley Paige Tom, age 26, on a misdemeanor failure to appear warrant. Bail $595.  

On May 27, WPD arrested Ricky Lee Smith, age 53, on felony domestic violence/strangulation. Bail $15,000.

On May 28, HCSO arrested Rodney Armstrong, age 57, on misdemeanor domestic battery, battery and acts which constitute domestic violence. Bail $5,000. 

On May 29, HCSO arrested Spencer Zielenski, age 38, on aggravated stalking and harassment. Bail $6,140. 

On June 1, NHP arrested Ryan Anthony Perez, age 30, on driving under the influence second offense, fail to drive within a marked lane, driving under revocation, seatbelt required and color of lamps. Bail $2,160. 

On May 28, WPD arrested Michael Stanley, age 29, on two counts of misdemeanor failure to appear. Bail $780. 

On May 28, HCSO arrested Samantha Whiteheart aka Jeanie Saiz, age 31, on felony possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia, unregistered vehicle, fictitious plates, no driver’s license and no proof of insurance. Bail $7,200. 

On May 30, HCSO arrested Benjamin Petras, age 39, on felony battery by a prisoner. Bail $20,000

*Photo not Provided for Juvenile*

On June 2, HCSO arrested a female juvenile, age 13, on misdemeanor domestic battery/incorrigible. Bail not applicable.