Lena Rae Thompson
Lena Rae Thompson
Lena Rae Thompson passed away at Renown Medical Center on 6/12/21 after an illness of several weeks. Lena was born in Elko, NV on December 15, 1971. 

She finished her schooling while living with her father and stepmother, Raymond and Betty, in Battle Mountain. 

Once her educational career was over, Lena opted to move to Elko to participate in residential and vocational programming for people with special needs. 

She then moved to Winnemucca to live with her stepbrother Chris and his family for a time. 

When the opportunity arose in Winnemucca for Lena to share a house with three other ladies with disabilities, Lena took the plunge and never looked back. 

She and her three housemates were like family, planning their daily lives together, working in the thrift store, hosting parties in their home, and sometimes squabbling like family does. Lena took home many Special Olympics ribbons and medals before hanging up her walking and bowling shoes. 

She never forgot a name, and her giggle was legendary. Lena collected dolls and cell phones. 

She enjoyed doing jigsaw and word-find puzzles and having imaginary phone conversations with friends and family members. 

Lena loved all kinds of animals including creepy crawlers. She liked Elvis, the Beatles, and scary TV programs and movies. She relished time with stepmom Betty in her home in Battle Mountain. 

After retiring from the thrift store, Lena went on many adventures, vacationing at Disneyland twice and visiting zoos, aquariums and other attractions in California and Utah.

She took daytrips to Reno at least once a month for movies, amusement parks, shopping, and sampling the fares at a variety of restaurants. 

Lena was preceded in death by her father Raymond Thompson and her stepbrother Chris Hanks. Survivors include her aunt Brenda Burdick, uncle J. Burdick, stepmother Betty Thompson, birth-mother Charlene Barnett, and half-brother Chad.

Lena will be missed by her many friends and her family.