Kevin Shay Hummel
Kevin Shay Hummel
Kevin Shay Hummel was born November 2, 1963 to Leslie Robert Hummel and Melissa June Key (Murdock), and passed away March 5, 2021.  

He was the youngest of 6 children. Kevin grew up in Winnemucca and graduated from Lowry High School in 1982, after which he spent several years in Reno working for Sears in the warehouse. 

He moved back to Winnemucca, bought a piece of land and built his home mostly with his own hands and skills.  

He was the maintenance and grounds keeper for Great Basin College for 17 years and a carpenter, handyman for many years after.

He was one of the happiest, kindest, compassionate souls you could meet.

Many, many times he opened his home and his heart to little known and oftentimes down on their luck people and animals. The helping hand that he gave, earned him many livelong friends over the years.

Family and close friends truly benefited from his generosity, when he would always show up to help out with projects no one else wanted to be a part of. 

Roofing, digging ditches, building things, tearing things down. 

He especially found gratification in picking up other peoples trash and hauling it off from the sand dunes, favorite camp spots in the hills and even coming to your door and hauling off re-cyclable materials and aluminum cans. 

He was a Steward of the land for sure……….

Every niece and nephew he has would tell you, Uncle Kevie is my favorite.

He was the bigger kid they could relate to and loved hanging out with.  He enjoyed all outdoor activities, camping, hunting, snow-mobiling, treasure hunting, picnics, motorcycling  river rafting and fishing. 

When indoors he was an avid reader, and inventor of many beautiful bird houses and gadgets out of scraps and junk.

He belonged to the IOOF lodge in Winnemucca and was a lifetime member of the NRA.

Kevin was preceeded in death by his father and mother and much loved and respected step-father, James Murdock, and favorite dog, Gus. 

He is survived by brothers and sisters, Mel Hummel, Sharon Ream, Judy Quigley, 

Darren Hummel, Ken Hummel, James Murdock, Jr and Kassy Elmer.

“Remember this, I Love You!”