Cody Garrett Jensen
Cody Garrett Jensen
Cody Garrett Jensen was born in Elko, NV on April 14, 1981 to Robert and Terry Jensen. 

Starting at an early age Cody had a calmness about him. As a toddler he would sit quietly in a room, eating his cheerios. 

As Cody grew older, he developed a love for music and creating music. His love of music was first shared to the world through his violin. 

At the age of 10 Cody began learning how to play the violin. During his high school years, he saved his money to purchase a drum set. 

Cody went on to teach himself how to play the drums as well as the guitar and later the banjo. 

Cody’s true passion for music was gifted to the world, through his guitar and a banjo he nicknamed Charlie, after his Grandfather Charles E. Cress. Cody grew up in Winnemucca and graduated from Albert Lowry high school. 

After high school Cody moved to Pensacola Florida, to attend Pensacola Christian College (PCC) where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design. Growing up Cody created many works of art, and it was at Pensacola Christian College where Cody significantly expanded his love and abilities to create beautiful breath-taking works of art. 

Cody left us many gifts through numerous artworks he created, that are displayed all around Winnemucca. 

Cody painted the Buckaroos sign at the high school, signage for Keys pool hall, the Basque logo on the side of Ormacheas and various other logos for numerous local businesses. Cody was a member of the First Baptist Church in Winnemucca, NV.

Cody was a father, a son, a brother, an artist, a musician, a writer and a caring individual who had a passion for helping people, even those who were not willing to help themselves. 

No matter what, Cody was always willing to help someone in need and never expected anything in return. He had a caring heart and a gentle touch that will be missed by all whom had the pleasure of knowing him. 

Cody loved to tell stories and making people laugh. Above all else – he deeply loved his son Garrett.

Cody was predeceased in death by his Grandmother Macksene Jensen and his Grandfather Charles E. Cress. He is survived by his son Garrett (Winnemucca), parents Robert and Terry Jensen (Winnemucca), brother Christian Jensen (San Francisco), brother Caleb and sister-in-law Sarah (Sparks) and their children Shamus, Riley, Miles and Nora. Grandparents Arlen and Vivian Jensen (West Haven, Utah), Grandmother Mary Lou Cress (Winnemucca).

Services will be held at the First Baptist Church on Saturday November 19, 2022 at 2pm. 

Please bring stories to share, as Cody loved to tell stories.