The following couples were granted marriage licenses recently by the Humboldt County Clerk:

Jan. 8

Rafael Villegas-Guevara, age 32, of Elko to Karina Luna Robles, age 27, of Elko

Jan. 17

Gregory Paul Wyatt, age 55, of Winnemucca to Sandy Lynn Cable, age 54, of Winnemucca

Jan. 23

John Arthur Ennis, age 53, of Winnemucca to Denise Gale Ennis, age 53, of Winnemucca

Jan. 24

Drake Travis Kavanaugh, age 23, of Winnemucca to Maria Guada-lupe Ortega-Ajtun, age 21, of Winnemucca

Ramon Morris Garcia, age 16, of Winnemucca to Kylie Shae Blan-co, age 18, of Winnemucca

Jan. 25

Justin Garrett Rousseau, age 48, of Golconda to Patience Marie Fra-zier, age 26, of Golconda