The following couples were granted marriage licenses recently by the Humboldt County Clerk:

February 4

Sean Melvin Whitlock, age 26, of Winnemucca to Revecca Mary Mastin, age 25, of Winnemucca.

February 5

Christian Vizcarra, age 28, of Winnemucca to Nena Jocelyn Alcázar Espíritu, age 26, of Winnemucca. 

February 6

Gary Lee Johnston, age 60, of Winnemucca to Vicky Lynn Dickson, age 62, of Winnemucca. 

February 7

Randall Warren Matson, age 52, of Winnemucca to Lois Jenean Keach, age 48, of Winnemucca. 

February 18

Pablo Pacheco Hernandez, age 38, of Winnemucca to Maria Del Refugio Rodriguez, age 45, of Winnemucca. 

Zachary George Printz, age 19, of Winnemucca to Makayla Rae Abrego, age 20, of Winnemucca. 

February 19

Chad Nicholas Farstveet, age 46, of Winnemucca to Jennifer Amy Wilhite, age 44, of Winnemucca. 

February 26

Jason Wayne Nolan, age 37, of Winnemucca to Terri Allyson Laidlaw, age 29, of Winnemucca. 

February 27

Mark Andrew Thomson, age 56, of Pocatello, Idaho to Wendy Berg, age 47, of Pocatello, Idaho. 

Brandon Joel Cardoza, age 29, of Winnemucca to Elizabeth Katherine Wilson, age 31, of Winnemucca.