William Lee Hausler
William Lee Hausler
William Lee Hausler was born May 5, 1942 to Edward Hausler, and Althea Preston in Oakland, California. 

Bill grew up with his three brothers Robert, Donald, and John. He attended local schools and graduated from Technical High School in 1960. 

Bill became interested in sailing at an early age and bought three sail boats over a period of time and sailed them on Lake Merritt and the San Francisco Bay.

One of Bill’s first jobs was working for Crescent Electric in Oakland repairing light fixtures. He also worked for Galaxy Lighting where he sold light fixtures. 

He later became a landlord. He bought and sold two apartments buildings in Oakland and then bought the St Elizabeth on Powel Street in San Francisco.

Bill excelled as an interior decorator and enjoyed working on his apartment buildings. He had a keen sense of aesthetics and loved art.

Bill loved to visit the ranch the ranch located in Bedford, Wyoming. For years he made an annual pilgrimage there where his mother was raised.

Bill was interested in luxury automobiles. He owned several expensive cars, including Chrysler Imperials, and Cadillac’s. His favorite was a 1972 Cadillac which he owned for several decades.

Bill was interested in naval history and battles. He was an expert on the subject. 

He was possessed with an amazing memory and could remember and discuss historical events in great detail. 

His favorite book and movie were “Gone with the Wind”.

Bill spent his senior years on his Brother Bob’s ranch in Golconda, NV. 

He enjoyed gardening, feeding the birds, walking to the nearby Humboldt River, and watching TV. He died on June 23, 2020 in Golconda, NV. His last words, “I did my best.” 

He is survived by two brothers, John and Donald and two nephews, James and Justin.

He is predeceased by his brother Robert.