Doreen Whitted
Doreen Whitted
On the morning of July 21st, at age 89, Doreen Whitted passed away at the hospital in Roseburg, Oregon.

Doreen was born on February 13th, 1933 to Cecil and Mary Overstreet. She had an older brother, Bill and a younger sister, Mary Ann. 

She was born a twin but unfortunately, her twin, Floreen died shortly after birth.

On March 23rd, 1952 she married her high school sweetheart, Clarence “Pa” Wilbur Whitted. They celebrated their 70th anniversary last year.

Together, they raised two children, Patricia and Robert(Bob). Family meant the most to Doreen, she did her best to keep up with everyone, usually by very long phone calls, filling them in on her latest and listening to theirs. 

She spent her free time crocheting and knitting. In her recent years she spent her time taking care of her husband. 

While she wasn’t busy taking care of Clarence it was more than likely she’d have an old western show playing on the television with her phone in her hand scrolling through Facebook seeing what everyone had been up to.

Navigating Facebook as best she could, commenting on pictures and always leaving a like. 

She often disappeared for hours every Sunday to go play bingo at Winners.

She rarely came home empty handed, she was always so lucky and got the winning card. She enjoyed going out to lunch with her close friends and bringing dessert home for Clarence.

She enjoyed sharing funny stories with her great grandchildren, Seth, Hannah and Macy. 

She would light up with excitement listening to Seth talk about his promotions at work and joke with him about his truck problems. 

She loved to listen to Hannah and Macy talk about their recent games of basketball, always bugging them about their grades. 

If you spent even the smallest amount of time with Doreen you would hear her tell one of her many adventures she had with husband. 

Or a story about raising Bob and his crazy teenage years. Maybe even a story about Pat and the many accomplishments she had as a young woman.

Doreen was a very stubborn woman, if she said something was going to happen her way then you best look out. 

She wasn’t easily outsmarted and almost always willing to lend a hand.

She didn’t like asking favors of others because if there was something to be done, she would do it herself. 

Doreen never let a task get the best of her and would never allow defeat, she was a determined lady. She will be deeply missed.

Doreen was preceded in death by her parents, Cecil and Mary, her twin sister Floreen, brother Bill and sister Maryann, son, Bob and her best companion on four legs, Rufus. 

Doreen is survived by her husband, Clarence, daughter, Patricia, grandson, Matthew, granddaughter, Amanda, grandson, Cody,(Mandi), and her great grandchildren, Seth, Hannah, Macy, Meesha,Ryan, Rayne, Izzy, Xander, and Grace.

A celebration of life will be held closer to Christmas when more family can attend.