Dolores (Nekane) Markes Erkiaga Gavica Etcheverry
Dolores (Nekane) Markes Erkiaga Gavica Etcheverry
Dolores (Nekane) Markes Erkiaga Gavica Etcheverry passed away October 12, 2020 in Winnemucca, Nevada after a long battle with lung cancer. 

She was born in Lekeitio, Bizkaia, Spain June 6, 1940 to Fausto Markes and Antonia Erkiaga. Nekane was educated in Lekeitio by Catholic nuns and studied culinary arts and became an incredibly talented cook. 

She was an expert in preparing traditional Basque dishes such as paella and ensalada Rusa. 

Nekane immigrated to the United States in 1966 with her husband Pablo Gavica, who subsequently was killed in an automobile accident. 

She worked as a cashier and hostess at the Winner’s Inn Casino for 33 years. Later, she met Jerry Etcheverry and they began a wonderful life together.

They were inseparable and enjoyed traveling, entertaining friends, and enjoying their families. Both Jerry and Nekane were devoted Catholics and were long time members of St. Paul’s Catholic Church. She became a citizen in 2003 and even though she was born in the Basque Provinces, she was extremely proud to be an American. 

Nekane was very active in the Basque community, not only in Winnemucca, but also in Paradise Valley and Boise and was the original founder and director of the Winnemucca Irrintzi Basque Dancers. She was very generous with her knowledge of the Basque culture and eagerly shared that with others. 

Nekane was the United States Mus Champion in 2009 along with her partner Ana Marie Smith and they went to Balmasada, Spain to compete in the North American Basque Organization tournament. 

She is also featured in the Boise Basque Museum’s exhibit, Women in Courage, honoring Basque women immigrants. 

Nekane was preceded in death by her parents and brother, Joel Markes. 

She is survived by her husband, Jerry, sister, Itziar Markes (Iñaki) and brother, Luken Markes (Isabel). 

She is also survived by several nieces and nephews as well as numerous godchildren. 

Services for Dolores (Nekane) Markes Erkiaga Gavica Etcheverry will be held at a later date.