Caleb Miles Sanchez
Caleb Miles Sanchez
Caleb Miles Sanchez was born on February 28, 2001. 

He was born with a huge smile and arms that were made for a good, long hug. As he grew, he played many sports, but fell in love with football.

He started playing when he was 9 years old and never wanted to stop. He dreamed of playing in the NFL and spent most of his life chasing that dream. 

He never made it there, but to hear his fans cheer, you would never know. To see Caleb on the football field was to see him at his best, working hard at his passion, and usually succeeding. 

He was very proud of his accomplishments on the field, but the thing he bragged about the most was the one time he beat his Dad at wrestling!

When he was not on the football field, he enjoyed spending time with people.

Whether it was playing Legos with his sisters, rough housing with his cousins, hunting with his dad or doing anything at all with his friends Caleb wanted to be where the action was.

He recently started writing lyrics and recording music with friends. He was a good listener when you needed one and loved to make people laugh. 

He will be deeply missed by the many, many family members who loved him. Our lives will be forever changed by his loss, but we will cherish the countless happy memories of him each day. 

To all the teachers, coaches and friends who made his life better, we give our heartfelt thanks.